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qualified sports therapist


At Anatomy Practice we aim to treat the whole
you. Although, our therapists have primarily
Sport based qualification (Diploma Sports
Massage, Bachelor of Science Sports Therapy)
these skills extremely adoptable to treating a
variety of other muscular skeletal conditions.
Whether the causation be occupational,
lifestyle, sport or accident.
Using the vast array of services we offer, we
believe that we have the solution to your
condition. Whether that be one of the variety
of soft tissue techniques we are fully trained
in or a muscle lengthening and/or
strengthening rehabilitation plan.

Unlike many other services available our
primary objective is to get you pain free and
better than you were prior to the disorder.
On initial consultation you will be assessed,
receive treatment and leave with a
rehabilitation plan. This rehabilitation plan
will grow has your pain decreases and you
grow stronger.

Our aim will always be to create a stronger
more resilient you!!!!

qualified sports massage practitioner

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